What I Love About New York: Part 1

We're in New York City this week.
We'll be eating good food, visiting friends, seeing shows and looking into job opportunities.
Because we love this crazy, driven, beautiful, bustling city.

I went to visit the CBS Press Office yesterday. It brought back many fond memories.
Blake and I walked my old running route. We were looking for Goldendoodles to pet. 
Fairway is the best grocery store. Seriously. Any place that can make organic popcorn taste good is ingenious.
I met with my former mentor, Patricia, in the afternoon.
Best part: no driving over potholes. SEE YA, Massachusetts.
This woman had skills.
As you can see from the pictures, it was pretty dark. And the area was sketch. But the food - delish.
Not that I have any real basis for comparison. But I'm pretty sure Mexico doesn't even make them like this.