What I Love About New York: Part 3

We went. Well, B's mom and I went because B didn't want to be one of 3 straight guys in the audience (he would have been). It was lovely. Martha is a hoot.

She kept it together. Even with the woman who asked a question about Dutch horses.
Martha's audience received a Clarisonic Skin Cleansing kit, a "Fit Bit", a Zeo Sleep Coach, and 2 gardening magazines.
Thanks, Marth.
It was an incredibly beautiful afternoon, so we spent some time outside.
These aren't ours. We had little ones. But it did happen twice in 2 days.
We walked a lot?
It opened recently. And it was kinda sorta like being back in Downtown Disney.
It's love.
Somewhere between the greasiness of Johnny Rockets and the over-condimented Red Robin,  Shake Shack rests in all of its fast food glory. Happiness in wax paper, covered in cheese.

This place was phenomenal. Thanks for the gift certificate, Grammy and Grandaddy!
It has a great old school New York atmosphere.
And get the Pear, Raspberry and Blueberry Cobbler.
And sometimes, city noise.

Seriously, where else can you find this?
Aside from LA, Chicago, Boston, DC and all other major modern cities.
I'm convinced that New York does it better, though.