What I Love About New York: Part 4

Something about it is just so Dickens-esque.
I feel like we should be speaking in British accents and wearing Victorian attire while we eat them.
Instead, people wear green. Green tutus, green track suits, green scarves, huge green hats with white stripes.
Dickens would have been appalled. 

We were there for this historical event.
I saw more of the backs of peoples' heads than anything else.
Oh, lovely. Just so classy and whatnot.
This is one of my favorite areas of the Met - the courtyard outside of the American Wing.
One last night at "The Pit", and one this morning with Emanate PR.
I got the good seats. St. Patrick's Day brings all kinds of crazy into Times Square.
So wonderfully good. It's one of my top three favorite shows, for sure.
James Earl Jones was incredible.
James and Rebekah were in the city, so we met up after the show.
It's true: we love them.
And last but not least, the only thing I don't love about New York:

The rodents of the sky. Or of the ground around your feet where you're dropping Nuts4Nuts.