Be Inspired.

This morning I started writing a Contemporary art analysis for my Art History course. Truth be told, I'm enjoying it more than any normal human being probably would.

Mostly because this is really inspiring me...

Andy Warhol, "The Souper Dress" - 1967

I love that Andy Warhol is asking a lot of American culture with this piece. He's merging the worlds of advertising, fashion and art so effortlessly while making at least a dozen discernible points about the changing American persona. Warhol made commercial branding a part of individual branding, and in doing so perpetuated the concern with a marketing-saturated modern America. Not only this, but the dress plays on the individual's changing sense of connectedness to culture and made women active participators in that culture. It's a feminist icon, a cultural mouthpiece, a brilliant advertising stunt, and a fashion statement. 

Wouldn't wear it, but I love it. 

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