Dear April 13th.

You were pretty great. 

You delivered thunderstorms in the morning (the best thing to wake up to), 
an excellent workout at the gym, 
the Wellness Fair (one of my favorite Gordon traditions),
a brief interaction with the Nordic Berries man (who I met 2 years ago and have never forgotten, mostly because of his delicious Nordic Berry samples. See here.),
a 10th monthiversary dinner to come,
and an internship offer from my top choice - MSLGROUP. Which I've already accepted.  

Check out the website here.

The program runs from June 13th - August 5th, and I'll be working in the Media Relations practice. We've started looking for places in New York, and we're expecting to move at the beginning of June.

See ya, North Shore.

Love, S

p.s. God is good. And not just on April 13th.