Dear Husband.

You are wonderful, patient, and kind. I am the luckiest. Truly.

I know that I can be a bit crazy. Especially when I'm stressed about work and school and finding a job and apartment hunting in New York City. Thanks for putting up with me when all I can think about is being...


 or here.

or here.

In reality, all I need is to be with you. Anywhere. Even sketchy Bev where homeless men steal boots and we have to parallel park every day. 

Thanks for understanding my dreams and helping them come true. You're good at that. I know that life wouldn't be nearly as wonderful without you by my side. 

As soon as we can, though, let's take a vacation. Somewhere sunny and warm. 

You know I've got the bug. The travel bug. You love that about me, right?

I love you.

- Wife

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