Dear Smoothie, you changed my afternoon. Maybe also my life.

This afternoon calls for a pick-me-up of the smoothie variety. 

I'm currently working on two long papers (one for Poetics, the other for Victorian Literature) that are tearing out my soul. I've been so wrapped up in post-grad plans that what I used to love about English and Communication Arts has become a mundane means to an end. I need an outlet. I really do. I've already discussed plans for a craft table with husband. 

Watch out, world! This weekend I'm buying a glue gun and I think I know how to use it! 

I took all that pent-up creativity to the kitchen and created this. The banana mango smoothie to top all other banana mango smoothies. Om nom nom nom. 


1 1/2 c. skim milk
1 banana
6 oz. frozen mango chunks
1 small container of La Creme yogurt 
(This is the greatest yogurt. I eat it every day.)

So easy.

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