Easter Crafts

I spent most of the day making Easter crafts with my mom, Christy, and the Walkers. And while these activities can't even touch on the profundity of the occasion, they do remind me of how greatly I am blessed - by family, by food, by laughter, by changing seasons and gatherings of love. 

If you're looking for some last-minute ways to celebrate life and the coming of spring, try one of these. 

1. Easter Chick Cupcakes (Betty Crocker) - recipe here

2. Robin's Egg Nest Treats (Kellogg's) - recipe here

Little bird nests. 

 Big bird nests. (Not to be confused with Big Bird's nest. heh.)

3. Sugar Eggs - we made these as kids so my mom still had the molds and decorative supplies. You can read about how Martha Stewart does it here

Clockwise from top left:
Creating the scene.
Sealing the two shells together.
Letting outside decoration dry.
Finished product #1.
Finished product #2.
Christy with her egg.

4. Dyed Eggs - a yearly tradition with the Walker family. 

Which inevitably becomes egg throwing between husband and his brothers...

Happy Easter! 
May you celebrate and remember the significance of the day.
Jesus loves. Jesus saves.


  1. Happy Easter Mr. and Mrs. Walker!

  2. Thanks Sara, Luke and Brooklyn!

  3. Oops, Blake left his account open on my computer. That thanks was from me!


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