I have lots of photos to share with you. But I'll narrow it down to a few.

I'm tired.
This weekend has been crazy wonderful.
Emphasis on the crazy. Also on the wonderful.
So, instead of trying to do it justice in words, I'll make the attempt in photos. 

(first we decorated our caps. I think they're pretty self-explanatory. as are our poses. oh, they're not? that's fine, we don't know either.)
(melissa, me, heather.)
(and then we danced. to usher. in our kitchen. you can be jealous.)

(then we had our baccalaureate service.)
(the mamas: melissa's mama, melissa, mama, me, heather's mama, heather.)
(the papas: me, pops, heather, her pops, melissa, her pops.)
(then there was commencement.)
 (these are my fans. mama, pops, dan, grammy, and grandaddy. they cheered pretty loudly. I liked that.)
(then I was a college graduate. and smiled big smiles full of knowledge and aspirations.)
(then we took pictures of family with my grandfather's camera, because it's a lot nicer than mine. but I don't have those pictures. so you'll have to settle for the ones taken with friends on my camera. I have lovely friends, though, so that should almost make up for it.)
(one of our favorite couples. rebekah, james, me.)
(another of our favorite couples. blake, me, heather, brian.)
(because an event didn't happen unless there's an awkward photo of the three of us at it.)
(this is how college graduates behave, in case you didn't know.)
(me, heather, melissa.)
(me & jessica.)
(me & rachel.)

Happy Sunday! More photos of graduation-related activities to come! 


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  3. First of all CONGRATS!! What a wonderful feeling to be done. Following from Mon blog hop, Hope you get a chance to return the follow.
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  4. Congratulations!!!!
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  5. stevie- just recently discovered that we share an alma matter! late congrats on graduating- wasn't gordon the best, ever? and don't you sometimes wish you could un-graduate?


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