The long-lost photos.

Today I finally received photos from a party that some of the bridesmaids threw me before husband and I were married (almost 10 months ago) - a kiss-your-childhood-and-singleness-goodbye-in-the-weirdest-way-possible kind of fling. And while the vast majority of the photos taken that night are not appropriate for the web (if you knew, you'd thank me), I feel that these few capture some positive aspects of the event.

Disclaimer: we do not normally look five years old. Or make such atrocious fashion choices.

Me, Rachel H., Jillian, Christy

Heather, Rachel S., Jessi, Me 
Erica and Melissa were absent that night due to a stomach bug. :( We missed them. 

The cake - only appropriate after it was destroyed. 

I believe that this was when Rachel was showing us her self-trimmed hair. It was precious.

I can only imagine.

Stay tuned this week for some photos from this weekend! My photographer brother-in-law, Aaron, was visiting, so you know they'll be fabulous. 

Some highlights:

a Thursday night outing with Melissa, Heather, Alysa, and Rebekah
the beach (but you already knew that)
Stephy's for brunch with Rachel
bonfire on Friday night with friends
a visit from sister (Jillian) and brother-in-law (Aaron)
Concord, MA (a.k.a - the land of the Redcoats. we're always on the lookout)
Salem Beer Works with Jillian, Aaron, Heather and Brian
movie night
photography discussions
early morning reading in bed
Boston, MA
Pinkberry frozen yogurt
seeing Lauren (high school friend) and Lee (cousin)
did I mention sunshine? because, yeah, we love it.

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! 

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