My mind is a big bag of crazy.

Proof that my brain won't let me study...

Today I need to study for Art History.
Phone just buzzed.
New email. Victoria’s Secret is telling me to “Make it a Bombshell Summer”.
Seriously, no one should be wearing that to the beach. Not with children running around. And creepy creepsters.
I remember once I wore a bandeau top to the beach. The rest of the story is too embarrassing to post on my blog.
Blog blog blog.
Blog is a funny word. Who came up with that? Probably some elitist social media whiz. Someone who works at Google. There are great benefits for Google employees.
Why does the Information Age come up with the weirdest words?
Netbook. Tweet. Buzzword. Emoticon. There are more.
Sometimes I think we should go back to Old English.
Or at least Middle English, which is more discernable as an actual language.
Let’s all speak French.
I had a professor tell me once that French was an ugly sounding language.
I tried not to lose too much respect for him.
He’s actually one of my favorite professors. I think I’m just naturally drawn to him because he has a New Zealand accent.
People always sound smarter when they’re from England or New Zealand. Sometimes also Ireland.
I would love to go to Ireland.
Once I watched “P.S. I Love You” by myself and cried all the way through it. She went to Ireland in that movie.
I think that was the first time I decided that I would want to go to Ireland.
I wish the sun would come back out.
I need a tan.
I’m probably not going to get one before senior formal.
Am I opposed to tanning beds because of real health concerns or do I just tell everyone about negative side effects so that no one else goes tanning and then, relatively, I won’t look like Boo Radley?
I think I’m really opposed to them.
Skin cancer is terrible.
I should wear more sunscreen.
Last week I got a really bad burn on my back that hurt for three whole days.
That’s never happened to me before.
Oh gosh, here comes the hypochondria.
Chill out.
No, seriously. Chill out.
Rainbows. Butterflies. Cookies. Marshmallows. Pink dresses. Art.
Art History.
I need to study Art History. 


  1. This is hilarious! I'm sitting at my desk at work laughing out love. You're so cool Mrs. Walker!

  2. LOL. This is so funny. I totally understand! This kind of reminds me of those Bing.com commercials, where people just start spouting off random thoughts/info that has to do with the last thing they said!

    Good luck with that final ;)

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