Not Goodbye.

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We're all packed and ready to go. 
And honestly, I'm choked up to say goodbye to this place that we've learned to call home, the first place that was really our own. 
Worse than that, today I had to say goodbye to four girls who have changed me, challenged me, encouraged me, and loved me through everything. 
I'm terrible with goodbyes. 
So we just don't say it. 
We say, "see you next weekend at my graduation party". Which is when I will, in fact, see them again. 
But today I'm feeling raw, feeling real, and feeling very far from four of my most trusted confidants. 
And I might have had a moment when I second-guessed our decision to move to a city where I know so few. 
Right before I remembered that this is my dream. 

So, see you next weekend.
When we'll plan our next meeting date.


  1. I am really bad with moving, and any sort of major change really. I put it off as long as possible. It's very brave of you to move to a strange place and follow your dream!

    I'm a new follower from the Spearmint Baby Alexa Hop.

    Pretty Opinionated

  2. I am sooo bad with good-byes, so it's always a see you later! And I think it's ok to be sad and cry about it because although we have all these digital things to keep in touch there is nothing like the touch of a hug or the looking into each others eyes.


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