The Farm

Occasionally, someone will ask me if I grew up on a farm.
I guess I just give off that pig-sloppin', overall-wearin', pitchfork carryin' vibe.
No, probably not.
In any case, I answer "no".
Mostly because I didn't. 
But I tell stories like I did - stories of chickens and rabbit hutches and tractors and barns and the once-farmhouse that is now simply a house. 
My stories are often set against the backdrop of a wraparound porch, a big backyard or an old slant-roofed attic. They're littered with references to nights by the fire, my mother's cooking and interstate Model T rides with my family. I tell of my father's appreciation for the Walton's and how we drove goodness-knows how many hours to visit John Boy's (a.k.a. Earl Hamner - oh gosh, I know that) home in southern Virginia, only to find that it was closed for renovations. I tell of the fresh eggs and corn on the cob that we gave to friends every summer. The overgrown lilac bush next to the barn. The days of playing in the creek down the road (and, on one occasion, falling in). The hoedowns on the front porch. The overalls that I did, to my shame, wear. 
(my little gardening brother)

And though I didn't grow up on a farm, I the show symptoms of many who did...
A relative comfort level with insects and compost.
A deep love of cornbread.
An appreciation for large families. 
And a compass that often leads me back. 


  1. Ahhh, I wish I grew up on a farm! Some of my favorite summer memories were days spent on my grandparent's farm in Arkansas. Sweet tea and fireflies:-) xoxo

  2. i didn't grow up on a farm either, but could totally be a farm girl for a year of so :)

  3. i'm the same way. grew up part-time on a farm (my family has land...and my grandparents lived on a farm) and i love, love, LOVE cornbread.

    and i am not afraid of ticks.

  4. haha, I love this post. I did grow up on a farm, but you do meet many of the requirements. I found you through Tiffany Dowel's blog, she talked about my proposal in a pasture full of cows today.

    p.s. the dress you are wearing in your header photo on the left hand side is so cute!


  5. Love this blog--you're right, even though you didn't grow up on a farm, it sounds like you had experiences that gave you several of the traits of someone who did! So glad you commented on my blog---I'm becoming a follower of you right now and I can't wait to read more! :)



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