Health & Fitness: Food Necessities

I'm all about finding healthy food that actually tastes good.
And finding out why that food is actually healthy. 
I thought you might be, too.
 almond butter
health benefits:
- lowers LDL-cholesterol (the bad cholesterol that builds up along your arteries)
- reduces risk of heart disease (partially because of vitamin e found in almonds, also because almonds have high amounts of magnesium and potassium)
- protects against diabetes (by reducing after-meal blood sugar surges)
- provides healthy fats (which can help you lose weight)
- assists in energy production (because of manganese, copper & riboflavin found in almonds)
- prevents gallstones 

health benefits:
- are filled with antioxidants (preventing cell and tissue damage)
- enhance heart health
- improve eyesight (especially at night)
- protect against macular degeneration (i.e. keep your eyesight strong as you age)
- protect the brain from stress (studies also show that they reduce the risk of alzheimer's)
- block metabolic pathways that lead to cancer (by providing an antioxidant called "ellagic acid")
- relieve gastrointestinal problems (by reducing inflammation)

Information taken from here and translated into layman's terms. 
Photos taken with my new camera (a.k.a - "the baby", "my child", "shnookums")