Weekend in Connecticut.

This past weekend we took the train back to Connecticut for my birthday and Father's Day. 
It was pretty much perfection. 
That is, if you count perfection in moments when Love picks you up, spins you around and reminds you of how blessed you truly are.
on Saturday, we had my birthday brunch.
with my family.
I went to a bridal shower for my gorgeous friend, Rachel. 
and went out to dinner at Mohegan Sun with husband's parents.
on Sunday, we had a Father's Day brunch for Pops. 
and said goodbye to Baby Sis, who's spending her summer as a camp counselor. 
(she wasn't as sad as we were. the little goob.)
we went on a long ride in Pops' 1916 Model T. 
note: brother recently had his wisdom teeth out. and this picture just kills me. 
 we took the ferry across the Connecticut River to Hadlyme.
 and stood in awe of this beauty.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 
More "Why I Love New York" to come! 


  1. I love all of these pictures, Stevie! They really are phenomenal, and everyone looks so happy. Seeing other people happy makes me happy.

  2. Beautiful pictures... it looks like a perfect weekend! Happy Birthday weekend!

  3. how fun!! :D Love the pictures! And what a fun adventure for your sister. She'll love it I'm sure.

  4. Your pictures are always so fun...and I love what you said at the beginning of the post, it truly is incredible when love picks you up and spins you around!

  5. aw, happy birthday! i love weekends like this. the best!

  6. These are such happy photos! And I love all the little montages you put together... so fun and cute! :-)

  7. Great photos! Looks like you had a lot of fun! The one big family photo cracked me up!!

  8. you look sooo pretty in that first picture lady!


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