Hey there, Monday. Back so soon?

A recent conversation with husband: 

Me: So, at work I heard that they allow and encourage transfers to other branches after you've been working for a while - like to Chicago and Seattle and Paris.
Husband: Paris?
Me: Yes, and I'm thinking that might be nice. Don't you? (silence) It would be especially nice in like 10 years when our kids are starting school. (silence) Everyone I've met who started school in a foreign country seems very well adjusted.
Husband: How would I work in Europe?
Me: You can still sell pharmaceuticals in Europe.
Husband: Yeah, I guess.
Me: I'm just saying we shouldn't rule it out.
Husband: Yeah, I guess. (silence) No, I'm going to rule it out. Because our families would hate it if we moved to Europe. And I would hate it. And our kids would hate it.
Me: You can't decide what our kids would hate.
Husband: Yes, I can. What kid wants to move to another country?
Me: I would've.
Husband: Yeah, and you also wore giant owl glasses and played with Furbies.

Clearly, husband and I argue about stupid things when we're stressed. But this weekend was our much-needed escape. And we're back - refreshed and raring to go.

This week I need to:
1. Find an apartment. For real this time.
2. Sell the car. For real this time.
3. Finish up last minute plans for the benefit concert on Sunday.
4. Work like a crazy person in my second-to-last week as a summer intern.
5. Run in the park because my gym membership expired. Boo.
6. Eat less of the pastries that are set out in the lobby at work.
7. Call my friends and my sister.
8. Fold every piece of clothing that we own.
9. Hug husband every five minutes because he is the most patient man alive.

Happy Monday!


  1. I think living in Paris sounds like a fabulous idea! And great blog yourself! Do you love living in New York? That is one place I haven't been, but am dying to visit!

  2. Hello! I'm Linda, just wanted to introduce myself. I really like your writing style! I've been flipping through your blog posts in the last half hour and it seems like you live a life filled with adventures! (The wedding posts were particularly awesome, I can only hope to be a bridesmaid someday!)

    I like the idea of living in Paris! It seems like it could be quaint and laidback but also modern and good for working.

    Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Hope this comment wasn't too long.
    <3 Linda

  3. hahaha that's such a funny conversation. Who wouldn't want to live in Paris??? Right?

  4. 1. Yes to living in Paris
    2. Yes to hugging husband every five minutes because they are SO patient.

    Maybe we can be neighbors in Paris by the way have you seen Midnight in Paris YOU WILL LOVE IT. Let's just say Hemmingway makes an appearance and he's just as smokin' as any literary-glutton fantasized.

  5. This sounds like a conversation MY husband and I would have. Sigh. They just don't get it! Paris would be AWESOME. Keep hugging him (maybe he'll come around). ;)

    This reminds me that I need to make a to-do list.

  6. apartment hunting in NYC? awesome. sounds like it will make for some good pictures.. good luck with your busy week!

    my dad is a first generation American and he claims (although i don't know how) he *hated* going to France every summer when he was a kid, which sounds crazy to me, but maybe kids are weird.. or maybe it's just guys? ;)

  7. Hey, Furbies were awesome.

  8. lol @ furbies!
    i would die being away from my family in another country!
    xox dana
    hope to see you in my neck of the woods! thewonderforest.com

  9. I grew up overseas. It's not so bad ;)
    But Husbands and Wives surprisingly don't always agree on everything ;)
    Today I conquered my pile of laundry... Why oh why does it always take so long for it to get to my closet after it's been washed?!
    Hope your weeks been fantastic!!! Happy Wednesday to you now!


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