Mornings on Lexington

A few times a week, I get up at an hour that makes my stomach churn (literally – I tend to have digestive issues if I wake up in the middle of a REM cycle. I should be saying that while wearing a palette expander and adjusting giant owl-shaped glasses. Oh wait, I had those. Judge me).

But, despite a churning stomach, this is my favorite time of the day. Most of the city is still sleeping, save for the few who are exceedingly dedicated to their workout, their dog, or their job. Street vendors are receiving their first customers of the day. Starbucks sits in a decaffeinated lull. Shops remain closed, lit only by the sunshine that is beginning to warm the pavement.

And I think people are kinder – yet to be irritated by incompetence at work, train times that are off schedule and air conditioner drips from floors above (or at least what you hope are air conditioner drips).

I adore the silence along Lexington as I drink my morning coffee. It makes me feel as if the city were actually listening to me, while I know that throughout the remainder of the day, I will listen to it. This mutual understanding is vital to the relationship that we share.

We get along better in the morning, the city and I. It’s when I speak my plans, and all I hear in response is unclouded potential. 


  1. as much as i hate having to get up in the early morning, being able to enjoy your city when it's quiet is one of my favorite things!

  2. I really like your thought process there! Also! Surprised to hear that someone else has stomach issues when they wake up too early, I thought I was the only one.


  3. my stomach also gets that quesy feeling but i love mornings too. some of my best thinking is within those early morning hours. and especially on walks.


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