Banana Nutella.
National Mechanics in the Old City for brunch. Highly recommended. 
When we were about 10 miles outside of Philadelphia on Saturday, husband rolled down the windows of our car and asked/yelled, 
And that, my friends, is why I married the man.

So we stayed overnight after the wedding and toured Philadelphia on Sunday.
It was nice. Nice in the way that any other American city can be nice after living in Manhattan.
Nice because Reading Terminal Market is basically an indoor fairground (=sweet).
Nice because it boasts wonderful history and a pretty bell.
Nice because hello! the crepes at Profi's Creperie are delicious. 
Nice because a local restaurant would deliver cheesesteaks to our hotel room after midnight (ew, gross. did we do that? for shame.)

But also not so nice because of...
$2 fees to see Benjamin Franklin's grave (eternal resting places should be free).
Tour guides who harassed us about buying their wares at every turn (and I promise we didn't scream "tourist". I wasn't wearing my fanny pack, I swear).
A certain historical documentary in the visitor center that featured none other than Kristen Bell. And ohhh heavens was she slummin' it in this film. This was a production fail of epic proportions. (Actually putting this in the "nice" category. A- for entertainment value). 

We did enjoy our time in the city of brotherly love. Definitely worth seeing at least once. 
If you do visit, eat at Profi's. It's good for the soul. 


  1. gorgeous photos! (i love your whole blog!)

  2. You crack me up! hahaha! Love these photos so much and the crepe looks A-MAZING!

  3. Good pictures - I just normally don't see the NICE part of Philly. So that is different for a change. :)

    I'm only about 1 hr 1/2 away! woo PA :)

  4. Makes me want to take a day trip! Sounds fun! Lovely pictures.

  5. So fun! Philly is definitely on my list of places to see one day...of course it's a little bit of a drive from Southwest Missouri! ;o)

  6. love your pictures!! i definitely have a soft spot for philly after going to college in the area. it's a great city.. too bad you had some not so nice moments! at least you had fun.. that's whats important :)

    ten feet off beale

  7. Your right, I do like your blog! And yes, all the sugar and sweets look very eatable (can I say that?) right now!!

  8. These pictures are beautiful! I've actually never visited Philly and I live in NJ which is a bit shameful but I just associate big city with NYC. I may need to get out of my comfort zone after seeing these pictures. :)

  9. I need that crepe. Right now.

  10. Hey, cute blog :) PS our pup is a Wheaton Terrier

  11. Great photos! Awesome that you got to eat at National Mechanics! Yum! I've lived in Philly since getting married two years ago and absolutely love it. Glad you enjoyed it!

  12. great photos! I love seeing pictures of other people's travels. And that banana nutella sounds amazing!

  13. beautiful photos! i always have fun when i visit philly.

    thanks for stopping by the blog! come again soon!


  14. Thanks for the comment! You've def. got a new follower! PS-Banana Nutella Crepe...YUM!

  15. Funnn! I want to check that city out someday! Beautiful pics! And thanks for your comment -- fellow Owl City / Mat Kearney fan!? YES!

  16. Philly is such a great city to visit!

    Sounds like a wonderful time, and the photos are lovely.


  17. Glad you enjoyed Philly! I live only 30mins from there and love the city:)

  18. Looks like you had an amazing time! I want to see philly sometime =)

  19. Ohmygoodness I love your blog! The pictures, your words, everything. So glad you commented on mine so I could find you! I agree - Philly is nice, but I was satisfied after one visit and that was years ago.

  20. we visited philly for the first time a few months ago and definitely had a nice time! except i had to look at the liberty bell through a window. silly. and we did not have crepes but DID have lots of cannoli :)


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