Scenes from a long weekend.

Much like creating your wedding registry (which becomes complicated and overwhelming in a matter of minutes), finding an apartment in Manhattan is more fun in theory. We've already spent too much time on the computer, looking at neighborhood statistics and guessing whether or not "too-good-to-be-true" Craigslist postings are just that. 

And we went to our first open house today. It was a great apartment - huge windows in a brand new building with a gym in the basement (!)...but the area wasn't safe. And husband was very considerate about asking me how comfortable I was with the whole situation, as I expected him to be. We want to be discerning. So the search continues.

In other news, our long weekend has been lovely. It's our first holiday away from family, so we've been trying to substitute family members with ridiculous amounts of food (only kidding! there's no real substitution, Mom). But we are enjoying every waking minute together. Even the ones when husband would probably rather be asleep. You know, the ones at 6 am when you just can't help but warm your icicle toes on your husband's leg...
clockwise from top left: long walks, afternoons in the park, dinner at Stella Manhattan Bistro in the Financial District (which was incredible - all of it), dessert at Stella
views from South Street Seaport, Pinkberry (we've been given a rewards card - as if I need another reason to go), blueberry pancakes and the Bulldog that we spotted (and I drooled over) downtown

If you haven't been to Yipit yet and you live near a city, please do so. We hardly ever go out to eat without one of their discounts, and we usually pay about 50% of the meal's value! 

Happy Fourth of July! 


  1. A Manhattan apt sound amazing!! Good luck to you two kn your search! Thanks fir sharing such fun pics :) Happy Fourth of July!

    XO Lindsay

  2. I LOVE reading about people's experiences in NY... I am so jealous. :) Have a great 4th, girl!

  3. I love these types of posts! Looks like you guys had fun! Happy 4th!

  4. Isn't toe warming what Husbands are for?

    Sounds like a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Trying pinkberry is on my bucket list. As is NYC!

  5. I hear finding an apartment in NY is an absolute pain. But the trade off...getting to live in NY. Lucky lucky lucky!!


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