End of Day

After work today, husband and I met up at Crate & Barrel to find a gift for a wedding this coming weekend. I mostly needed him as a chaperone so that I got out of the store at a reasonable hour. I pace it frantically when I'm by myself, employees trailing behind me like I might be a crazed kleptomaniac. I'm not. Just crazy for kitchen supplies that, in all likelihood, will never be used by me. 
In any case, we wandered afterwards, as we often do. 
Ate Sprinkles. 
And came home to watch Scrubs, swap back rubs and fold laundry. 

These are the times I look forward to most. 
Enjoying simple moments with the guy who always saves me the last bite of our shared cupcake. 
That, my friends, is love. 


  1. What a lovely evening! Your husband is really sweet. I'm always the one who saves the last bite of a shared cupcake for my husband. You are so lucky to have a Sprinkles near you. Cupcakes are a nice way to wind down the final evenings in August.

  2. Sounds like the perfect night <3
    And Sprinkles. Aaaaah. When is Sprinkles coming to France?!!


  3. Why can't I live near a place like Sprinkles? :0

  4. Awww! That is so sweet! I love these types of evenings! And I also love cupcakes!


  5. what an perfectly simple evening...and It's a darn good thing we don't have a crate & barrel very close by, that store is DANGEROUS!!!

  6. I haven't ever tried sprinkles but I am DYING TO!!!

  7. loved this. its the little life things that make life so GREAT xo!


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