Just a little note to the people I'm (barely) living without.

Someone recently told me that we can have it all, but not all at once. There was a time when I wouldn’t believe that – I do now.

Because having it all means leaving work at 6 PM, going for runs every day, taking long trips to Europe and seeing your best friends at least once a month. It means that lunch consists of more than a few bites of chicken and a handful of popcorn. And that your husband never has to include disappointed emoticons in his texts when you just can’t see him as much as you’d like to.

  Loving and living with what we do have is a skill, an ability to recognize what tremendous blessing we encounter each day with every breath. I have more than enough. It’s not what I thought it would look like when I was eleven and wild with dreams about adulthood. In some ways it’s better, though. And most days, it’s okay.

   But yesterday – working late, missing my husband, missing my dear confidants and wishing maybe more than anything that I’d eaten a decent lunch so that I could handle my life – becoming a grownup seemed like the worst possible thing that could ever happen to a person.

  So this is my plea, to my friends who kindly read every word so that they can stay connected to me in a way that I have not been able to stay connected to them: don’t stop calling, texting or emailing. One day soon we will stop playing phone tag.
(Also, I keep photos of all of you on my desk and sometimes, when no one is listening, I whisper to you. Ok… jokes, jokes. I’m not that crazy. Yet.)


  1. I totally agree with your perspective on life. It's the "not having it all 100% of the time" that makes us appreciate the good when we do have it. :)

  2. ps. I have your picture on my desk, too. The one where we're smooshing our faces against a glass window, but you can't see the glass, so we just look like we have squished faces.

  3. This is such a true post! I only wish I could consistently stay in touch with all those who are so dear to me...alas life happens and it's just not possible!

  4. Sweet post. :)


  5. aw I adore this post and often feel the same way! I think it took me a lot longer to figure this one out but I got there and most days it is ok and I'm thankful.

  6. you speak the truth sister. and be grateful for your time in nyc because i miss mine and it will be a while until i can have it back!


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