I've been thinking a lot about my sisters, and how they've grown up.
And about how, every once in a while, I wish I were still curled up in my childhood bed watching Gilmore Girls.
I've been reading about the subconscious, and about English Bulldogs.
I've been listening to a lot of Carla Bruni, Frank Sinatra, Damien Rice.
I've been spending time lying on our down comforter, eating Nutella and thinking about where I want to be in ten years. five years. two years. tomorrow.
I've been running a lot, appreciating the way the breeze kicks up in the morning.
I've been wishing that I were older, younger, had a little more time, a little more money.
And stepping back to realize that I'm okay now. I'm better than okay.

I'm guest blogging over here today. Check out Sara's lovely blog.

Hope you're enjoying the little moments tonight.


Real New Yorkers go to Mets games (I'm pretty sure).

Last night we headed out to Queens for the Mets game. 
It was my first major league baseball game, so I was pretty excited. 
Not because I care about baseball (I don't) or because I think many of the Mets players are nice to look at (they're not), but because going to a Mets game really secured our new roles as New Yorkers. Plus, I had heard that they serve ice cream in miniature baseball helmets. And I will buy almost anything miniaturized.
 Not intending to make an example of you, Willie Harris. You're an okay looking guy. 
 We stayed until the 7th inning. Baseball is a very long game.
But we quite enjoyed ourselves. And I'm checking that one off of my bucket list. 


What we love about our new apartment.

In my imaginings 
(and there have been many)
of an apartment in New York City
there were always fresh flowers in the kitchen. 
Today is a big day, because we are in New York City
and we are home
and there are flowers. 
We've been so blessed by our family's help with the move and are happy to report that we are settling in quite nicely. 

Our love list:
- the view. skyscrapers to the north, brownstones to the south, and a garden below. 
- the location. we live in the heart of Hell's Kitchen, so we have dozens of incredible restaurants right around the corner. 
- the fire escape. where I plan to read Victorian novels and write poetry and pretend that I'm famous (truth). 
- our small tiny kitchen. that my Italian mother-in-law looked upon in silent horror. but we've fixed it up to look rather lovely, and we're describing it as "European" from now on.
- our bedroom. we've put up sheer white curtains, filled the bookshelves and laid out the quilt that my grandmother made us. 
- my dress closet. because we have three closets, I've assigned my dresses to one. it makes me feel fancy. 

Photos to come when we're all set up.
Hope your Sunday was glorious!


We signed our lease today.

This is our view.
And this is our street.

The move begins tomorrow. 
(The lack of text recently is the result of too much stress and too little free time. But things are looking up, my friends. Praying that the dog days have truly gone the way of tie-dye and the mullet.)


West Side

A week ago, husband and I headed over to the Upper West to explore
because it's one of the neighborhoods that we visit the least.
 And we stopped in this French bakery for cake. 
Which was amazing. 
The macaroons? They're on my to-eat list. 

In other news... guess who's moving this weekend?
That'd be us. 
Come Saturday, we'll be calling Midtown West home! 


Sundays in the Park with Husband.

and other scenes from our weekend...
 - Walking the High Line.
- Wandering around the booths at the Bleecker Street Festival. 
- Perusing a bookstore in the Village. 
- Finding the most amazing cupcake bakery, Molly's Cupcakes. A portion of their proceeds are donated to local schools. And they have swings. Did you hear me? Swings.
- Morning runs (you know, to make up for all the cupcake eating). 

Other Highlights:
- Spending Sunday afternoon in Central Park.
- Applying for a lovely little apartment. 
 - Mexican food. 
- Enjoying the chill in the air. 
- Shopping organic at Fairway Market

Hope you had a wonderful, fall-filled weekend! 


It seems to me...

if you've met someone
who loves you well enough to make your dreams his own
and who knows you well enough to buy you blueberries instead of strawberries
you should marry that person
and tell him every day
that you're so glad he's alive.


MasterMedia Event

Remember how I talked about rooftops here and here?
Well I'm about to do it again. 

Last night, husband and I went to a media event at a penthouse on the East River. 
Hosted by my dear friend over at MasterMedia International to raise money for the initiative that touches the world through media influencers. 
It was a beautiful night accompanied by the New York Philharmonic, a silent auction, and many prominent voices in the media today. 

The view was really a testament to the beauty of this city.
And showed the immediacy of the challenge and responsibility of media professionals to act toward its well-being.
For more information and for ways to help, check out the MasterMedia website


We went sailing.

My father-in-law owns a sailboat and I've been wanting to go out all summer. 
Salty air and open water have been calling my name. 
And because summer is almost over (I felt a chill in the air today), we went out with my in-laws yesterday afternoon. 
It was a welcome interruption from the noise of the city. 
Any time is a good time for an impromptu A&F photo shoot. My 13-year-old self would be very proud.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. 
And spent some time in remembrance of 9/11 and appreciation for the resolution of this country.


At a Cafe in the Village.

Yesterday, husband and I explored my new office neighborhood and grabbed something to eat in the Village.
It’s a lovely area to explore – the New York of romantic comedies.
We sat down at the Bus Stop Café, on the corner of Hudson and Bethune.
He ordered a sandwich. I ordered a salad.
We listened to the couple next to us speaking in Franglish.
And talked about how husband is slowly giving in to the idea of owning an English Bulldog.
Music to my ears.
I'm already planning the 2012 Christmas card: me, husband and bulldog all in red and green plaid.


You are loved.


Sometimes I need to be reminded. 


It's a rainy day in the city.

I might have been better off staying in bed today. 

But I refuse to let it get me down, because hey - life's too short. 

And you know what? I'm choosing to be happy. 
Or at least faking it until I recognize every little wonderful thing that peppered this day with loveliness.

Like rain. And the existence of feta cheese. And new friends. And a scheduled day off in October. And photos of family from this weekend. And warm socks, texts from mom, sharing an umbrella with a coworker, polite smiles, plans for the weekend. And hugs. Lots and lots of hugs from the husband who texts to remind me to carry an umbrella home from work.

See? I'm feeling better already.

And here's a little photo sequence to remind you how cool, fun and downright charming we are.
In case you forgot. 
Because I did as I traipsed through the subway system sans umbrella, jacket and appropriate footwear.


September Wedding

Two more of my college friends got married yesterday. 
That brings us to three weddings this summer. 
What can I say - I know some of the most eligible (and formerly eligible) bachelors/bachelorettes in New England. 

Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. East! 


Bye, August. See you next year.

August was a hot one. 
A rainy one. 
A month of apartment hunting, long hours of work and lots of Thai takeout. 
It required prayer and more than a few cups of strong coffee.
We celebrated birthdays, held babies, moved offices and watched the sun go down on Central Park. 

September, I have high hopes for you. 
But so far, we're getting along just fine.