I've been thinking a lot about my sisters, and how they've grown up.
And about how, every once in a while, I wish I were still curled up in my childhood bed watching Gilmore Girls.
I've been reading about the subconscious, and about English Bulldogs.
I've been listening to a lot of Carla Bruni, Frank Sinatra, Damien Rice.
I've been spending time lying on our down comforter, eating Nutella and thinking about where I want to be in ten years. five years. two years. tomorrow.
I've been running a lot, appreciating the way the breeze kicks up in the morning.
I've been wishing that I were older, younger, had a little more time, a little more money.
And stepping back to realize that I'm okay now. I'm better than okay.

I'm guest blogging over here today. Check out Sara's lovely blog.

Hope you're enjoying the little moments tonight.


  1. Yes..always enjoying the "little moments".
    I actually just blogged about that yesterday:

  2. Mmmm Damien Rice :) LOVE. Life is about taking a step back from worrying about the BIG things and enjoying all the little things that surround us! Lovely words.

  3. wanted to say hello...i just came from reading your interview at the Hinton Hookup! It's always great to enjoy where you are in life! lovely pictures and words indeed!

  4. Is it bad that i still curl up in bed and watch gilmore girls?! :)
    Lovely blog!!

  5. Awwww... I was watching Gilmore Girls with the husband this evening. Love it!

  6. this is such a sweet post! you and your sisters sound like me and mine.. nutella & frank sinatra is perfection


  7. sounds like you have the right amount of reflection, appreciation for the moment and the future.... I miss my sister and sometimes also am amazed that she's grown up now. I get nostalgic for the good old times when we were younger....but also excited to create new good times ahead. Thanks for the sweet post!

  8. August 12th, 2000. "Stevie--Today, you sleep over. I got roller blades today that were size 11 in men!!! Crazy, huh? You really crack me up when we play airplane.



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