What we love about our new apartment.

In my imaginings 
(and there have been many)
of an apartment in New York City
there were always fresh flowers in the kitchen. 
Today is a big day, because we are in New York City
and we are home
and there are flowers. 
We've been so blessed by our family's help with the move and are happy to report that we are settling in quite nicely. 

Our love list:
- the view. skyscrapers to the north, brownstones to the south, and a garden below. 
- the location. we live in the heart of Hell's Kitchen, so we have dozens of incredible restaurants right around the corner. 
- the fire escape. where I plan to read Victorian novels and write poetry and pretend that I'm famous (truth). 
- our small tiny kitchen. that my Italian mother-in-law looked upon in silent horror. but we've fixed it up to look rather lovely, and we're describing it as "European" from now on.
- our bedroom. we've put up sheer white curtains, filled the bookshelves and laid out the quilt that my grandmother made us. 
- my dress closet. because we have three closets, I've assigned my dresses to one. it makes me feel fancy. 

Photos to come when we're all set up.
Hope your Sunday was glorious!