Another Autumn Weekend.

 - a visit from my mother and long-time friend.
- exploring previously unexplored areas of the Met. 
 - finding an orange Pashmina outside the museum. 
 - movie night provided by the candy/video store on the corner. far too convenient not to frequent. 
- morning pilates.
- enjoying the community garden near our apartment. 
- walking the park on Saturday afternoon. 

other highlights from our weekend:
- book shopping (again) in the Village. 
- baking pumpkin whoopie pies. which are delicious, I'll have you know. despite our confusion with the oven's pilot light and my general confusion about anything kitchen-related. 
- brunch at Lexington Candy Shop.
- lunch at Ciao
- finding artwork for our new little home. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

In other news, my husband is Superman - he found a couch, small table and tv stand for us on Friday while I was at work. And hugged me as I cried for Mufasa while watching The Lion King. It's really sad, guys. 


  1. MUFASA!! Totally cry watching that movie too. :)

  2. Lion King is totally cry worthy. It's ok. :) What a fun weekend!

  3. The Lion King is currently showing at the local cinema in 3D and I really want to go see it, but I WILL cry. It's so sad.

  4. The Lion King gets me every time , why is that part so sad? Looks like such a fun weekend, love your pictures!

  5. well hello fellow new yorker! no shame on the lion king. no shame.


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