Guest Blogger: Sara from The Hinton Hook-Up

I'm thrilled to introduce my lovely friend, Sara, as a guest blogger today. Sara and I met while interning in the CBS News Press Office during college and we immediately hit it off. Not only is this girl gorgeous, fun and driven, but she's also from Texas, which means she's super nice. You may recall that I guest posted over on her blog (check it out!) earlier this month, so in a similar format we'll hear a little more about this fabulous lady's life. 

1. You were married in June - congrats! How's it going? Best parts? Pet peeves?

Thanks! Married life is true blessing. I really thought that after 6 years of dating Luke, I could not possibly love someone more. Not true! Being married has taken our love to a whole new level. A who’s-turn-is-it-to-take-the-dog-out, stop-chewing-with-your-mouth-open, let’s-cuddle-on-the-couch-all-afternoon-and-watch-NCIS-re-runs level that is blissful. :)

The best part of being married to Luke is that after hanging out during the day, he can stay the night! The biggest pet peeve is that he can’t stay every night. Luke works for an amazing non-profit camping and retreat facility about an hour outside of Corpus Christi. Unfortunately, he has to stay overnight on the camp’s grounds many nights each week, while I have to stay in town for my job. This will be changing very soon though!
2. We both honeymooned in Disney World and loved it. What did you enjoy most? Where did you dine/stay?

Luke and I stayed at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and loved our hotel very much! It was really fun to call room service and hear, “What can we get for you this evening, Mrs. Hinton?” Our honeymoon was Luke’s first time at Disney, so introducing him to all of the roller coasters was definitely a good time! His favorites were the Tower of Terror and Space Mountain. One evening, we had reservations for dinner at the California Grill and this was, without a doubt, our favorite meal! We ate amazing food, drank fabulous wine, and were eye-level for the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom that evening. We can’t wait to go back and celebrate anniversaries in the future!
3. You and your husband adopted a dog and I might be a little jealous. How has Brooklyn impacted your lives?

Well, I might as well admit this on your blog since I admit it on my own: we are slightly obsessed with our puppy dog! I bought Brooklyn a couple of weeks after starting my first job out of college. I had hardly earned my first paycheck and really had no reason to drop that kind of cash on a 9-week-old puppy, but I’m so glad I did! We consider Brooklyn to be our “first child” (yup, we’re those people). We take her on road trips, spend way too much money on dog bones and squeaky toys, and may or may not call each other “mom” and “dad” when referring to Brooklyn. Can’t believe I just shared that last little bit of info...
4. Tell us about Texas - are you there long-term? Is it true that everything is bigger and better in Texas?

Hmm...long-term? I hope not! I love Texas and will always be a Texas girl at heart. But I definitely have the travel bug and would like to live in different places of the country before settling down to have kids, which will most likely happen in Texas. Bigger? Yes. Better? To be honest, not always. I will say that the pizza in Texas will never compare to the heaven they make in NYC. But I can also guarantee that you won’t find a bigger margarita, truck, or football fan than those in Texas!

5. How long have you been working at your current job? Is it what you always dreamed of doing?

On October 11th, I will have been at my current job for 1 year! I’m really excited about this achievement since it’s my first real, professional job (not a summer job, internship, or job that lasted a couple of months).

No, this job is not what I always dreamed of doing, but I do believe it is a great step in the right direction! I never thought I’d be working in marketing, talking about budgets/rating points/ROI/etc., or writing copy for television commercials, but this job has been a huge learning experience for me. I have learned more in the last year about PR, marketing, and advertising than I ever learned in college! But more importantly, this job has taught me so much about myself and the kind of business professional I want to be. I’m excited to see where this experience will take me next!

6. What are some must-visit places for those headed to Texas? 

Oh gosh, there are SO MANY places to choose from! I’ll just share with you a few of my favorites...

For coffee: Common Grounds in Waco
For shopping: The Galleria in Houston
For music/night life: 6th Street in Austin
For a pro football game: Cowboys Stadium in Dallas
For the beach: Padre Island
For food: Just about anywhere that serves authentic Mexican food
Now go check out Sara's blog, you hear?


  1. awww...looks like you guys are completely enjoying the married life! love your farewell sparklers!

  2. LOVE that you went to Disney on your honeymoon, and I love your doggie too! Very very cute! Off to visit your actual blog now! :)


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