Taking a breather.

I took the day off today. 
my first since June. 
as I walked around at 8:30 this morning while others were on their way to work, I felt a little weird.
like I had a backstage pass to the workings of everyday residential life. 
with my day off, I tackled the following:
- trying a new gym
- getting a quick manicure
- watching Kim Kardashian's wedding (oh yes, I did)
- having lunch with husband
- mailing a few move announcements
- window shopping at overpriced boutiques in Soho
- picking up some incredible pumpkin spice coffee from Porto Rico Importing Co. as recommended by a friend. the smell alone - heavenly.
- stopping by Raffetto's to pick up some pasta for tonight. we might be a little bit obsessed with their ravioli. 
- having a cupcake at Molly's. while playing Connect Four. I won seven times. husband? not even once. finally - those hours of Connect Four marathons in fifth grade are starting to pay off. 

we'll be staying in this evening, watching Halloween-ish movies (read: the Twilight series. poor husband.) and making googly eyes at each other. per usual. 

enjoy your weekend! 


  1. sounds like a lovely day! taking a breather is so worth it. enjoy your weekend!

  2. Googly eyes are my favorite! Happy weekend. :)

  3. yay! and good for you for taking a day for yourself. :)

  4. Sounds like a perfect day!
    Good for you in taking time out for yourself :)

  5. your blog makes me miss ny so much! (i lived in queens for 18 years) i soooo miss farmers markets and street fairs, and all the energy going around. so jealous. thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. I love that feeling of having a day off when you're not really supposed to. So great, love the pics!

  7. I loved the days I would play sick from work and just take a day off! It always felt so strange, like, is this what's going on in the world while i'm stuck working every day? And, that ravioli looks amazing. Cheese and pasta, how can you go wrong? Actually, pretty much everything you listed sounds like my kind of amazing day! Hope you have a great weekend!


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