Sometimes I miss the 'burbs.

even though the city is one of the great loves of my life
on occasion, I do miss living in Connecticut and Massachusetts
because I miss the abundance of trees and flowers and houses and grocery stores that have peanut butter at a decent price
also because I never had to worry too much about stepping in nasties on the sidewalk.
but mostly because I miss the people.

photo courtesy of my brother-in-law, Aaron Huberty. check out his awesome photography blog here


  1. Love that picture! So pretty! Y'all both are:) this reminds me of my sister and I! Love those piggy back rides:)
    Funny about the peanut butter:)
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  2. What a sweet picture! :) Just need to take a few little weekend trips to the burbs for a good dose of small town love! :) I grew up in a tiny town and I miss it sometimes too :)

  3. awww! this picture reminded me of me and my sis. she loves the piggy-backs. ;)

  4. haha! just noticed my sis had already left a comment mentioning the piggy-back rides.....


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