This is our little home.

These weeks are flying by as the days get colder (which we love), as hours of sunlight become fewer (which we don't love so much) and as I've taken on more responsibility at work. Husband is taking on new responsibility, too, with a business venture that is steadily taking shape. We're busy, happy Walkers. 

But we spend evenings and lazy weekend mornings in our apartment, accompanied by House Hunters, cups of coffee and a blanket that I can't use without thinking of college dorm days. This weekend we'll be doing more of the same, with some errands and a workout or two thrown in there. These colder days are also making it more difficult for me to get my bum out of bed and to the gym before work. 

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Your home is so adorable! I love small spaces, they can be so cozy! (I lived in a 5th wheel trailer for a year!)

    Your kitchen is amazingly tiny! Haha and I thought m ine was small! That's the only downfall of a small home I think.. (at least for me) my small kitchen is impossible!

    Glad all is well, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Lovely. What a beautiful view out that window. Peaceful!

  3. oh my goodness I am in love with your little space!

  4. I love your home - it is the perfect size - so warm and comfy looking!

    Hope you have a wonderful lazy weekend :)


  5. Cutest little home! I love all of the natural light streaming through the windows:-) xoxo

  6. The wall colors are perfect. Your wooden floors are gorgeous. And the cobalt blue/yellow combination is an absolute favorite of mine! Love it!

  7. i love the pictures of your place! it is so cute. i love the bedspread by the way. where did you get it. love it all! hope you are having a great weekend.

  8. Fresh flowers. Always a nice touch!

  9. I love your little home! It's so cozy!


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