Fireworks from our bedroom window.

Last night after the UConn game and a long bath accompanied by The Hunger Games (I know everyone is talking about it, but for real - it's SO good), I settled down to watch The Office with husband.

But as soon as I got myself in a comfortable position (read: spread out on tiny couch with head just close enough to husband's hand for a massage), we heard fireworks.

Backstory. When we found our apartment, we loved a few things about it immediately. Among them was the proximity to the Hudson and access to the rooftop. Prime for firework viewing.

So when we heard the fireworks, our first since moving in in September, we shot off the couch and ran to the window. And we could see them. Pyrotechnics in their red, white, green and blue glory. We threw on shoes and raced to the roof, where the view.was.phenomenal. But I forgot my camera, so you'll have to settle for this beaut taken from our bedroom window.

Also, I considered photographing my outfit, but I'm going to save you from that. You can just imagine me skipping steps up to the roof in a robe, pink striped pajama pants, rainboots, and husband's coat. I'm just the classiest.

Have a wonderful weekend!