My grandparents live right outside of DC, so we often explore the city the day after Thanksgiving. We'd never been to the Georgetown area, though, so this year we opted for newness. 

And I'm so glad we did. 

Georgetown is incredible, my friends. And not just because they have some of the better cupcakes that I've had the privilege of tasting. The homes, the roads, the shops, the parks. It's all straight out of a book. If one of our jobs ever forced us to move there, I probably wouldn't hate it. 
This morning I woke up sick and worked from home, but I believe I'm on the mend. Husband has been filling me up on orange juice like it's going out of style. 

And we decorate our tree tonight. Our first lovely tree (purchased at Target) because we were out of town most of December last year. This year, you had better believe we're making up for it. 

Happy Monday, all!