It gets better.

Today was awful.
For no good reason.
Just a lot of little, bad reasons.
I came home and cried so hard that husband advised me against going to my new Bible Study because "you look more troubled than you actually are". 
Sometimes the concept of reassurance is totally lost on him. 

But things will get better.
Two days until we meet another weekend. 
One week until we head down to DC for Thanksgiving.
One month (give or take) until Christmas.
And three months until I fly down to West Palm Beach to visit a high school friend.

Truth is, I know that things are good. 
I know that life is blessed.
But sometimes it takes a good long cry to get me back on my feet.


  1. everyone has those days and good cries are cleansing. stay strong :)

  2. i had one of those days yesterday. it does get better!

  3. Every now and then I have a "mini-meltdown" where I just need to take some time and have a good cry. Sometimes I'll put on a sad movie (usually it's Marley and Me) and just let the tears be a cleansing mechanism. Luckily, I know that it gets better so I just allow it to happen and move on! :)
    Hope you're feeling better!

  4. I hope you're feeling better now. :)

  5. I completely know what you mean... This week has been the worst for me. Honestly I just wanted to throw up my hands and give up. Unfortunately, that's a little easier BEFORE you have a child to take care of and so now the only option is to buck up and move forward. Crying is still allowed though, and sometimes it just seems full-out necessary.

    We will be in DC for Thanksgiving too :)

  6. I'm so sorry you had a bad day :-( Just remember "this to shall pass" XO

  7. that is no good =( hope its picking up.


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