I've been thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years, and how I can't wait to see our families. 
I've been wondering where other commuters are headed. 
I've been keeping track of all the little things that tend to add up - throwing in a little more laughter and a little more contentment. 
I've been enjoying Nutella on cold pancakes. And enjoying husband's disgust with the combination. 
I've been realizing that husband is just the greatest. 
I've been writing letters. Sending postcards. Documenting more than I already do. 
I've been feeling more sadness about the absence of old friends. 
But looking at my calendar. Checking flights. Making plans.
I've been wishing we had a dog that I could sneak into bed with us in the morning. 
So that we could both pester husband until he wakes up. 


  1. I just booked my flights home for the holidays. I cant believe they are here soooo fast!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  2. I booked my flight back to California last night :) I leave South Africa on the 7th of December - so soon!


  3. 1) Nutella is awesome... on anything :)
    2) Investing in a cuddly puppy is the BEST addition to any family. Dooooo it!
    3) I'm stealing your postcard idea. I'm thinking vintage postcards might be even more fun than sending out holiday cards.

  4. snuggling in the morning with the pup and the Hubs is the best. it is seriously one of my favorite things. but having a dog is a lot of work and if you are an on the go person you just have to keep in mind that you always have to go home to walk and feed it etc. i think we have made it work bc the hubs parents are nearby and they love taking the dog if we need to go for a weekend.



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