My thankful list.

Tonight I'm thankful for...
the return to fall weather after this weekend's freak snowstorm. 
a long, captivating book.
ABC Family's reminder that the 25 Days of Christmas is just around the corner. 
a job.
pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes. 
voices of friends. 
quiet nights with candles lit. 
coming home to someone I love.
wonderfully long walks. 
not being the person getting an awkward massage in the middle of the gym tonight.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening!


  1. beautiful list.

    what book was it?! im on the hunt for a new one!

  2. I love you thankful list!

    I can really relate to the coming home to someone you love thing since my bf is in europe for three weeks and it's slowly killing me!

    Oh well, I should be grateful that he will be home in a matter of weeks instead of a metter of months :)



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