Ghost of Christmas Past.

A few of the wonderful things about Christmas:
its traditions call to mind memories of younger years
family will remind you of any hilarious (their words) or embarrassing (yours) stories that you've spent years repressing
and there is no shortage of awkward photos from past years to decorate the tree that stands in your living room, in all of its glory. 
I found this beaut yesterday, front and center, for visitors and family members alike to admire. 
And, oh gosh, it's just too delightful for me not to share. 
The glasses. The sweater. The turtleneck. The beanie baby that I insisted on holding. 
And had I never seen a brush before? 
That one I'm blaming on you, Mom. 
Heaven help the awkward stages of our poor future children. If past experience dictates future performance, there are a lot of awesome Christmas cards to come. 


  1. Ha so true so true!! Haha love that last picture!

  2. Dad and I put that little number up for the world to appreciate. Knew you would love it! :)


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