Thoughts from Gus.

Dog bloggers are becomming the new thing.
Or, really, bloggers who "allow" their dogs to guest blog.
Some of my favorites? Here and here.
And since Gus "talks to us" on a daily basis here at home, we're joining the trend.
Hi there.
I'm Gus. Or Gassy Gussy, Chunka Chunk, Wigglebum, Gusington Churchill... you can call me whatever you want, as long as you rub my belly.

There are a few things that you should know about me right off the bat.
1. I will not tolerate being alone. I hate it, hate it, hate it. To make that clear to mom and dad, I did my business while left alone in my cage the other day. I think it's working.
2. I'm happiest while eating, playing with other dogs (Pugs, especially. They're just the best.), chewing on my squeeky toys and licking feet.
3. I love my wrinkles. Other people seem to, also. I get stopped on the street all the time. They're one of my favorite things about myself. Well, my wrinkles and my curly tail. It wiggles when I'm really excited, which is probably adorable.
4. Things I enjoy sniffing: bags (plastic, not paper), food (any kind), people, shoes.
5. Things I run away from: road work (soo noisy!), the vacuum (a.k.a. "The Yellow Terror"), rain.
6. Did I mention that I love belly rubs?
7. Oh, and a good nap. Or two or three or four.