(in no particular order)

Be a loving wife. Give more hugs, kisses and encouraging words. Appreciate quiet moments. Keep up weekly dates. Listen.
Be an active believer. Read through the Bible with my small group. Spend more time in prayer. Become more involved in our church.
Be a responsible mama (to the pup, of course). Take long walks and give belly rubs. Be patient. Take pictures. Celebrate his birthday with pupcakes. Dress him ridiculously.
Be a good daughter, sister and friend. Call more often. Write letters. Plan visits. Make time for new friends. Make it home for birthdays.
Be an informed professional. Read at least five books about the industry. Come in early, but don't stay too late. Invest in relationships with coworkers, clients and media. Don't sweat the small stuff.
Be a healthy woman. Maintain my regular workout schedule. Take three new dance classes. Eat healthy dinners. Try energy shakes and smoothies. Stretch.
Be a conscientious learner. Bake thirty new recipes. Make it halfway through my book list. Study languages.
Be a caring neighbor. Volunteer with Blake. Take time to write notes for our sponsored child. Smile at strangers. See the need.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012, full of met resolutions. 


  1. I love you list of resolutions - simple, thoughtful and achievable - I'm busy trying to come up with a similar resolution list now :)


  2. sounds like great resolutions! best of luck for a wonderful new year :)

  3. good luck with this http://misroze.blogspot.com/


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