I was up at 4am this morning, unable to fall back to sleep. Something about it being leap day. Or because I was managing a big launch event for one of our clients today. Maybe also because I'm feeling a bit unsettled.

So I made myself some tea, sat down on the couch and listened to the calling of ship horns on the Hudson.


On our rooftop.

(last photo courtesy of my brother-in-law, Aaron Huberty)

While my sister and her husband were visiting back in January,
we headed up to our roof with cups of hot chocolate
to watch the sun set over the city
and see lights flick on in living rooms of nearby apartments.
There's nothing quite like it. 

Reason #32,949 why I love living in Manhattan.


Thoughts from Gus.

Hi friends,

The other day I had been very good (not chewing on shoes, not going to the bathroom in the house, etc.) and the sheets were in the wash, so Mom and Dad let me onto their bed. It was just as wonderful as I had hoped. I could hardly contain my excitement.

I've provided a photo to show you how adorable I am while lounging on the bed. I'm trying to convince Mom and Dad that I've been maturing a lot recently and should be allowed up there more often. It was going really well until I destroyed my fifth toy and the bottom of my fourth bed this weekend. Sometimes I can't help myself.

But it's okay, because I've learned other ways to get up there on my own (see Mom's post below).




- Friday night in the Financial District.
- Doughnut Plant with Rebekah.
- Finding beautiful art at the Brooklyn Flea
- Former Williamsburgh Savings Bank which now hosts the flea market.
- Gus waking up husband. 
- Roses from the corner.
- Walking downtown with 
Our lovely visitors: Mama, little sister, Mrs. M (+ big sister, Aaron, and a few friends)


Philly Meets New York.

Yesterday, my dear college friend Rebekah came up from Philadelphia for the day. We had brunch in the West Village (Cornelia Street Cafe), walked Central Park, had her rub Chunka's belly and finished up in Chelsea (Bareburger and Doughnut Plant). So much deliciousness. Such good talks. So many things I love about this lovely woman that she has become.

We talked about college a bit. And how it's strange that we're now nine months removed from it. And how part of us wishes that we were still having bonfires every weekend and having dance parties in living rooms. But that we're happy to be where we are now. With jobs. And our own health insurance. And little apartments in big cities. And new friends. And old friends to keep us grounded.

We have so many things to be grateful for.


Weekend Lunch.

Last weekend we spent a lot of time at home 
watching movies, playing with pup and eating simple, healthy meals. 
Made by yours truly.
This is how I would eat if I weren't married to an awesome cook. 
(Along with a cupcake. Or two.)

This weekend we have family and friends visiting from out of town. 
Lots of park-walking and brunch-eating in our near future.
Enjoy the three day weekend and the lovely weather for all of us New Englanders! 


Valentine's Day.

We went out to La Sirene to celebrate Valentine's Day on Saturday night,
so last night was pretty low-key.
He gave me flowers and a back rub,
I made him a collage of love letters that I wrote to him in high school.
We whipped up some heart-shaped pancakes
and snuggled.

Goodness, I love that man.
All 365 days of the year.


If you ever wondered what we do before dinner on Sunday.

This pretty much covers it. 

I think it's clear from these photos that Gus only puts up with our shenanigans. 
He does not instigate or encourage them. 
He is a serious dog with more important things to do than goof off in front of a camera.
Like chew on his rawhide bones.
And take naps. 


A note on Public Relations.

There are a number of facets to a job in Public Relations that are naturally attractive to me. A focus on relationship-building, writing responsibilities, event planning, interaction with hard news, organization, strategy development. Most of it answers the question, "what would you do even if you weren't getting paid for it?" I would do this. Public Relations is a fit for me. 

But at least one aspect of this job is really tough. It's the part that I didn't realize until I was already in it - and that's the tendency for things to frequently change. Teams change, accounts change, offices change, media contacts change, practice groups change. Heck, people change. It's a system that is rapidly modifying and reinventing itself. To keep up with a culture that we service and reflect, we need to be adaptable. 

Friday was my last day at the agency where I started. Monday is my first day at another agency where I'll be specializing in Food and Health, a step closer to where I always wanted to end up. I have no doubts that this is a fantastic opportunity. It is. It will be. 

But as I said tearful goodbyes this week, I was made poignantly aware that change will always throw me for a loop. It will always make my heart hurt a little. And if I've made incredible friends and loved my accounts and devoted a great deal of energy to my work along the way, it's so much harder. 

But oh, so worth it. 
- Farewell dinner with girls and guy (#PRRatio) -

New beginnings. Here I come.


Thoughts from Gus.

Hi friends,

Just when I think I can't get any more handsome,
I turn around and there's another lady bulldog with her eye on me.
I can't go anywhere these days.
Sometimes it's tough being me.



The Civil Wars.

On Saturday night, we headed into Fort Lauderdale to see The Civil Wars at the Culture Room. It was so worth it. These people are hugely talented.

Plus, there's something both ridiculous and wonderful about listening to folk music in a diverse crowd of Floridians.


Weekend in Florida.

You can't beat Florida in February. While visiting my friend Erica in West Palm Beach this weekend, we spent hours by the pool, talked on the couch in the morning and walked along the waterfront in the afternoon.

Selfishly, I'd like to take all of my best friends and move them into our apartment building. In that world, we'd all follow our vocational passions here in the city, meeting for lunch every day and having group dinners once a week. We'd all stay in our early twenties. We'd all share clothes and books and music. 

But as we find our own paths in different parts of the country, I'm (slowly) accepting that separation isn't always worse. Separation allows for growth. Separation allows us a fuller appreciation for togetherness. 

And I am so appreciative of my time with an old friend this weekend. 


West Palm Beach

I'm in West Palm for the weekend
visiting one of my best high school friends -
sharing cups of coffee 
sitting by the pool
and laughing like we used to. 

It's so funny how we can fit back into past relationships 
with a wonderful familiarity 
even as adults. 

It's also really nice to visit old friends
when they're basically living in paradise. 

(and please don't judge my choice of literature. I'm on vacation, people.)



Today was beautiful.
Beautifully warm and ridiculously busy.

Tonight I had a potluck with my small group
and on the cab ride home
I couldn't help but think
I am so blessed.
To be here.
To know that some things don't work out. 
But sometimes
things just fall into place.