This weekend.

I wore ruby red lipstick everywhere we went. I baked a dozen blueberry muffins before church this morning. We wandered the Upper West and stumbled upon a great coffee shop and a little farmers' market. Husband started to teach Gus how to catch (he's learning, but all of those wrinkles get in the way). We had a date at Chelsea Grill on Saturday night. We took Gus to the dog park, where he spent half of the time hiding behind our legs. I woke up early and wished I hadn't, because the nest of quilts next to husband looked so terribly inviting.

And I thought a lot about work. About travel. About this time in our lives and how these days need to be longer. About a lot of silly things and other not-so-silly things. About how lucky I am to get to spend weekends with my very best friend and our very handsome pup.


  1. I love tulips, especially the pink ones!

    Too funny about Gus hiding at the dog park, maybe he will make some doggy friends next time. :P

  2. doesn't red lipstick make weekends that much more fun?


  3. That red stick looks like it's been made for you! And what a great weekend but the sounds of it. My favourite thing to do is have brunch on Sundays. Have a great week!

  4. Those are some lovely looking muffins & it sounds like a beautiful weekend! AND I agree...we wish our days were a little longer too :)

  5. Love that lipstick color on you - as a redhead I can't pull that off but it looks great on you :)

    Those muffins look AMAZING!

    Now following your adorable blog!

  6. Loving your blog so much!! These photos are awesome...love the lips.. My dream is to move to NYC one day! Inspiring blog :)
    xo Haley

  7. Perfect shade of red!
    I love your blog too :)


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