Thoughts from Gus.

Hi friends,

I had a tough weekend. It started when mom and dad decided I need a bath, which was upsetting on two levels - 1) I'm pretty sure I smell amazing all the time and 2) I hate baths. I thought they might be calling me into the bathroom to give me a treat because I've been so good lately, but they stuck me in water that covered my paws (!) and scrubbed me down with soap. Needless to say, I was trembling in the corner of the bath the whole time. But don't think I'm pathetic or anything. I showed mom and dad how fierce I am when I got out of the bath and shook water all over the room. I doubt they'll ever want to put me through that torture again.

Then I fell off the couch. At night, I like to climb up to sleep between mom and dad. It gives me the chance to lick mom's feet while dad gives me a belly rub. A win-win for everyone, I think. It was going really well until I attempted a new trick when jumping onto the floor. I must have made a terrible noise, because mom was really scared and dad was looking up emergency vet centers. I limped for a while, so dad had to carry me up and down all three flights of stairs when I went outside to do my business. Like I was a baby or something. It.was.humiliating. So I cut out the limping pretty quick and I try to race down the stairs before dad can pick me up. I'm feeling fine today, but I'm going to try to play into mom's sympathy for a while so that I keep getting lots of treats.

Hope your weekend was better than mine.

Sniffs and licks,