At this desk.

I spend a lot of time at this desk. 
A lot of time writing and researching and emailing and calling. 
And recently, a lot of time working with a client on the nutrition side of their business.
Which completely thrills me. 

I may be at this desk for another 5 years. or 10. or 20. 
I may be home with a baby. or two. 
We may be in DC, Connecticut or London. 
The future is wide open. And I kind of like that. 
But today.
Today I was content to be at this desk
reading about food trends 
over a cup of coffee. 


  1. Aw, love this! I'm so glad your happy and content! It' such a good feeling :)

  2. Looks like a nice place to work :) And it's really nice to hear how happy and optimistic you are!


  3. Your desk looks so neat and welcoming with little personal touches to make it feel like home. I love it :)


  4. wow your company??


    Do you watch 'gossip girl'? I have been watching funny 'gossip girl', but it's going to end to season 6. It's exciting, but i'm so sorry to hear that it is end. Particularly, the girl named 'lola' was appeared newly in gossip girl.

  5. awww i like this post a lot. I sit at my desk for about 10 hours a day and it's (sadly) become my little home away from home. But your desk is so clean and organized!! Looks likes a lovely little place to spend your day!


  6. Are you ever so hungry that you eat the display ketchup?

  7. I have that phone, too. And I used to have that keyboard, until I upgraded to a more ergonomic one. And I think you need more pictures of humans... maybe I will make a calendar of myself for you to use next year. I could include a running picture, like the dog. Oh, or I really liked this calendar! Maybe I could pose WITH outhouses for your 2013 calendar.


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