The end of May.

Last weekend we ate chocolate croissants. Did some running. Saw Death of a Salesman (thank you for the tickets, Grammy and Grandaddy!). Took Chunka to the dog park. Bought a fan to accompany our air conditioner (I'm really not excited to see 90 degree weather in May). Walked along Chelsea Piers. Listened to the rain. Watched fireworks from our window. Stayed up late talking to friends.

And now we're at the edge of June - looking forward to our 1 year anniversary of living in New York, our 2 year anniversary of marriage and my 23rd birthday. Holy cow. Where has the time gone?


  1. Chocolate croissants? I WANT! Beautiful pictures!

  2. i want live new york city!
    i like manhattan!

  3. what a lovely weekend :) i drool for pain au chocolat! how exciting to be at your two-year anniversary- what an accomplishment! we just hit our one year and i'm incredibly proud :)

    ps hope that sweaty weather dies off a little, that's ridiculous! but, also, from what I hear..typical nyc!

  4. well, at least no snow in May! four-oh-six still shocks me sometimes.

  5. i have the same teapot! a surprise gift from the BF :D



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