Around here.

I've never been able to commiserate with complaints that bloggers portray their lives as being happier, healthier,  more beautiful than they might be in reality. Mostly because blogging, for me, represents a celebration and documentation of life, rather than a diary entry of fault and failure. Those things have a way of creeping up, even when they go undocumented. Making a conscious decision to remember more goodness and blessing that stems from hardship - that's the challenge.

It's not all sunshine and flowers around here. If it was, I suppose it would mean that we'd stopped truly living. 


  1. I definitely think there should a balance in blogging. There shouldn't be a lot of trying to make one's life appear perfect, and there shouldn't be a lot of negativity and 'fault and failure'. Like you say, it should be a conscious attempt to be joyful in everything and anything.

    :) Thanks for this!

  2. I love your perspective and feel the same! It's natural that most people want to use their blogs as a positive outlet for their life. Of course we all have difficulties, but we deal with those enough in real life :)


  3. Agreed! I'm often tempted to (and sometimes do) blog about the downs and frustrations, but I like to think that blogging is my motivation to look on the bright side :)

  4. I like this outlook. I always try an be at least reasonably positive and cheerful on my blog too. :)

  5. Poetic, powerful and TRUE!



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