In the last year.

As of yesterday, we've been living in Manhattan for one year. 
It was a year of new beginnings. New jobs. New friends. New apartments and new neighborhoods. New family members and a chubby little bulldog to love. It was a year of challenges. Blessings in disguise. Life lessons and awkward moments. Lots of back rubs. Too few phone calls. And Pinkberry. So much Pinkberry. 

This week we celebrate one year in our city, two years of marriage and my 23rd birthday. 
Husband put together this little video to document the last year.
You know, because we don't have the time or desire to blog and scrapbook. 


  1. Lovely little video! Great choice of music too!

  2. Congratulations on your second wedding anniversary and 23rd birthday!!

  3. LOVE the video!!! Wish I had a camera that took faster pictures so I could do this!!!

  4. lady, you are gorgeous. husband did a great job with the video too. happy anniversary AND birthday!

  5. Wow, so many amazing things happening this week for you two! I think a celebration is in order (most definitely involving pink berry) :)


  6. So great!
    hard to believe how much you captured on video or in photos...

    happy birthday too!


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