Cruising: At Sea

Spending a week on a cruise ship with my family makes me wonder why we moved away from home. It was such a wonderful time of catching up with my sisters, laughing with cousins, watching my grandparents dance and taking the world's most awkwardly posed photos.

Waking up with the ocean right outside your window every morning isn't too shabby, either. And the robes (oh, the robes!) were perfection. I would know, because I wore mine for half of the trip. Not photographed. You're welcome.

More photos of sunshine and palm trees on their way!


Back home.

We're back from a completely wonderful vacation, tanned, relaxed and happy to be reunited with our pup. The last week was a whirlwind of family dinners, days out in the sun, parasailing, snorkeling and kayaking. Prepare to be bombarded with vacation photos in the next few days, but for now, this shot of our street from the balcony of our room on the ship will suffice. 

Hope you're having a lovely summer weekend! 



We leave tomorrow for a family cruise and I am fully equipped with everything I could possibly need, plus some ridiculously high heels that will not only make walking nearly impossible, but will probably also give me blisters, to boot! Win-win! 

Husband is dropping off the pup at his parents' house (they're the best!) and I may have teared up at the thought of leaving Gus for a whole week. I need to have a baby to put things in perspective. 

For the last two days I've had the apartment to myself, and I keep thinking it's a really good thing that I went off and found myself a man at such a young age, because the whole living alone thing is making me kind of weird. Last night I went shopping for four hours because I couldn't really remember what "alone time" was supposed to look like. Do I read? Do I turn on the workout videos that I would never do in front of my husband for fear that he wouldn't ever find me attractive again? Do I sing every Mika song on my playlist at the top of my lungs? These are thing things that I would do if I were left to my own devices. It's a scary thing. 

And YAY for vacation. 


Boston for a day.

Last Saturday I headed up to Boston to visit two dear friends from college. 

It reminded me of a life before I left for school
when I would write out my plans in three ring binders -
plans that have grown and changed with the beauty and curse of time. 
I thought about those years that once seemed a distant future. 
how they've somehow become the present. 
and it's all so startlingly real
that I sometimes need to stop to take it all in
or make time for those relationships that have played such a large part 
in a life that moves too quickly. 


Gus turns 1!

On Friday, our pup turned 1! It was a pretty exciting occasion in the Walker home. Lots of fanfare. A giant bone. Hats. A dog food cake, which stunk to high heaven. More belly rubs than usual.

Which would have been really exciting for him if (a) he weren't terrified of candles and anything related to or containing fire and (b) he weren't terrified of hats. Next year, we may just bring him to the dog park.



Gus mastered the art of looking bored. I rediscovered the beauty of my office neighborhood on a walk home from work. We tried 16 Handles for the first time (what rock have we been living under?) and I'm not sure that I can ever look at another cup of frozen yogurt again without comparing. We walked miles and miles through our beautiful city's neighborhoods on the 4th of July. I saw this beautiful dress hanging from a fire escape one Saturday. We went to my mother's neighborhood pancake breakfast back in Connecticut. We spent one evening out on the pier, watching the sun set on the Hudson. I went out to brunch with some of my girlfriends on the Upper West.

Happy Friday! 


Oatmeal Pancakes.

The other morning I woke up with a pancake craving (let's be honest, it happens almost every morning), and whipped up these puppies. While I have yet to meet a pancake I didn't like, I consider these to be among the finest I've ever made. And I'm kind of an expert in pancakery.
1/2 c. wheat flour
1/2 c. quick cooking oats
1 tbsp. white sugar
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
3/4 c. buttermilk
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 egg
blueberries and raspberries

Directions here.


When July in the city starts to feel like the fiery blazes.

We decided to escape the city after hearing that temperatures would reach 100 this weekend. My wonderful father-in-law picked us up on Friday night and we spent much of the last two days sitting by the pool, talking to our families and playing with our pup.

I love this city - truly. In most of our discussions about the future, we see ourselves here, even with children. We see a lifetime of walks to Central Park and Hudson River views. But a part of me aches when we go back to Connecticut to see our families and return to the places where we met and grew (halfway) into the people we are now. 

For today and for the foreseeable future, we live in New York. But I'm fairly certain that most summer weekends are better spent in the company of family and a large glass of iced coffee. A pool and a yellow inner tube don't hurt, either. 


Happy 4th!

We spent the evening on our roof
watching fireworks from a few blocks down on the Hudson. 

There's no other country I'd rather live in
and we're so grateful for the sacrifices that have provided and protected our freedoms. 

Happy 4th of July! 


At some point in your life.

I hope you find yourself in the back of a dark restaurant
listening to a redheaded guitarist sing indie rock songs
among friends without a whole lot in common
other than the fact that they love being together
and can agree that some of the best things in life catch you by surprise.