Boston for a day.

Last Saturday I headed up to Boston to visit two dear friends from college. 

It reminded me of a life before I left for school
when I would write out my plans in three ring binders -
plans that have grown and changed with the beauty and curse of time. 
I thought about those years that once seemed a distant future. 
how they've somehow become the present. 
and it's all so startlingly real
that I sometimes need to stop to take it all in
or make time for those relationships that have played such a large part 
in a life that moves too quickly. 


  1. Very nice! Im dying to do a day trip up to Boston. Just waiting to buy my new car this weekend since my other one is likely to blow up. hehe.

  2. So very true. Looks like you had a nice time, Boston is such a fun place!

  3. Sometimes it's difficult to stop and take time to appreciate all we have and all we have had (in the past). But it feels so nice when we make the time!!!


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