We leave tomorrow for a family cruise and I am fully equipped with everything I could possibly need, plus some ridiculously high heels that will not only make walking nearly impossible, but will probably also give me blisters, to boot! Win-win! 

Husband is dropping off the pup at his parents' house (they're the best!) and I may have teared up at the thought of leaving Gus for a whole week. I need to have a baby to put things in perspective. 

For the last two days I've had the apartment to myself, and I keep thinking it's a really good thing that I went off and found myself a man at such a young age, because the whole living alone thing is making me kind of weird. Last night I went shopping for four hours because I couldn't really remember what "alone time" was supposed to look like. Do I read? Do I turn on the workout videos that I would never do in front of my husband for fear that he wouldn't ever find me attractive again? Do I sing every Mika song on my playlist at the top of my lungs? These are thing things that I would do if I were left to my own devices. It's a scary thing. 

And YAY for vacation. 


  1. we just got back form the beach and I am so ready for another vacation.

    Enjoy yourselves!!!!!

    safe travels xxoo

  2. Have fun ! :)
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    Evia x

  3. haha. my husband travels a lot (and now, so do i) so i get a decent amount of alone time. i love that little bit of time to myself and usually just those few days are enough to make me appreciate him so much more when he gets home.



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