I spent a few mornings alone in our apartment, watching the rain fall on our little garden. I tried a new coffee shop and fell in love - Chelsea's Table is my jam. Mama boarded our cruise ship on a beautiful Saturday morning. Husband spent a lot of time on our balcony. We went snorkeling in Bahamian waters and I looked like a clumsy fool in flippers. My cousins rocked karaoke, which boosted their coolness score by about 10 points. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale on an overcast day. We took photos together on that overcast day. And then made a casual stop in Disney World, because (duh) a vacation is not a vacation until we've visited the happiest place on earth. We arrived in Nassau. My sister and brother-in-law fared better in a clear-bottom kayak than I did - they're basically professionals now. And husband found the first pair of sunglasses that he likes. He wore them all week.


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