Gus and his squeaky toys.

Every week or two, we bring home a new toy for Gus. And this is how he reacts every. single. time. So we keep getting him toys because we love him... but also because it brings us a ridiculous amount of joy to see him jump around on his hind legs.

I'm also fully aware that this post puts us firmly in the "we're obsessed with our dog" category. But let's not pretend I don't do things in the privacy of our home that confirmed the fact long ago. You wouldn't believe how many theme songs Gus has.


The best part of my day.

Coming home to these two faces. 
I love them so. 


Poco in the East Village.

This weekend we went out to this great Spanish restaurant in the East Village (wayyy out in the East Village on Avenue B) for a friend's 25th birthday brunch. We were loud and probably more than a little annoying - the kind of people I roll my eyes at when I'm having a very civilized brunch with one other person. But, you know? I don't hate being those people every once in a while.


Tis the season.

Last time we were back in Connecticut, we made a stop at Bishop's Orchards for some apple picking, which means that autumn is in full swing around here. It's the most beautiful time of the year.


It's official.

I'm back in school and loving it. Unstaged photo evidence above. Last week I started online classes for the Tufts Nutrition Science and Communication certification program. This is a certification that will allow me to speak to nutrition trends and  food policies with a little more authority - something I've been wanting to do since I began work on a few large food brands at my agency. And before that, really, when I realized how profound an impact fitness and nutrition have on our moods and overall well-being.

So here it goes. One year of nutrition study with the cutest study buddy in the world.

(And here's to my husband's hope that this year doesn't make me a gluten-free, GMO-phobic, juice-dieting vegan convert. He really doesn't want to give up chicken parm night.)


The end of picnic season.

This weekend we had a picnic with some friends in Central Park's Sheep Meadow to say goodbye to summer months. We had the perfect weather for it - cool enough for plaid shirts, which was pretty exciting. I'd been wondering when I could dress like a lumberjack again.


I only bake in autumn.

sometimes also in winter
but only when I'm feeling really adventurous. 
something about the brisk autumn air gets to me
and makes me wish I were a little more like Martha Stewart. or my mother.

in any case, the former wouldn't be proud of me for making this
and the latter is only proud because she's my mother
but it was pretty delicious 
and just stupid easy to make. 

pie crust
cinnamon and sugar

throw them all together. bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. 


At 50.

We celebrated my mother's 50th this past weekend - a celebration with extended and immediate family who love this woman so very much and are so proud to call her our own. It's a privilege to have someone like her in your life. Even more so to call her your mother. And as my father put it so sweetly, she's completed our family in so many ways.

Without my mother, I wouldn't have known the strength it takes to raise children, work (more than) full time, take care of a home and love a husband. Without her, I wouldn't have seen that some things are worth fighting for - and some need to be let go. I wouldn't have seen how profoundly friendships can touch your life if you let them. I wouldn't have known that education is invaluable, respect must be earned, grace is a virtue, and love is powerful. I wouldn't have seen the kind of poise, godliness and care that she approaches each day with. I wouldn't have known a global perspective - that we are blessed beyond what we realize, and in sharing that blessing we find joy. 

At 50, I should hope to be half the woman that she is. 



I ran down toward the Freedom Tower on September 11th, and prayed for those families still mourning after the events of 11 years ago. I spent a few early mornings in the studio for a client. We discovered some of New York's best tacos (Taqueria). I went on a ten mile run and decided that maybe it's time for a half marathon? (or maybe that can wait...) I had lunch with some colleagues at the beautiful Tasting Table Test Kitchen in Soho. Pup needed some extra snuggles. We said goodbye to a friend headed back to her native city, Boston. I spent an afternoon at Alvin Ailey for our company offsite, and had the pleasure of working with the Upright Citizens Brigade, who are just ridiculously funny. 


On living here.

There are days when I really, really love New York.
and then there are (far fewer) days when I really, really hate it
there is no in between in my relationship with this city
but I think
as long as there are piers and rooftops and crowded restaurants and cool fall breezes passing along the avenues in late afternoon
this is where I belong. 


Holding life loosely.

Over the weekend I had a conversation with one of my oldest friends about this stage in our life, and our tendency to hold things so close - to seek a level of control in all aspects of our lives. She shared her father's advice: "hold life loosely", he told her. If we hold pieces of our lives with a clenched fist, our hands aren't open to the blessings that God offers to replace our false sense of control.

I've been repeating the words to myself for the last few days. They've stuck to me, revealing so many areas of my life that I've been trying to control. My natural posture isn't open-handed.

Holding life loosely. That's the goal this week. Or for my whole lifetime, really. But I'm starting small.


Let's move to Florida...

but not really. 
West Palm is great. Really great. Verging on amazing with its sunshine and palm trees and shockingly reasonable cost of living. But I fear that I would never, ever leave a pool chair if I lived in paradise, so to NYC I returned on Tuesday, a husband and a pup and a desk there to greet me. And those things are pretty great, too. 

But hello - this view. 
And these girls.
And the gorgeous outdoor shopping centers with food and music and dancing. 
So much awesomeness happening in Florida.


Melissa getting married.

Last night we had a bachelorette party for one of my former college roommates down in West Palm Beach. I put so much value in these times when I can see and hear how my friends have grown and changed - especially when I know that they've found solid men who love them and care about the state of their hearts.

Melissa gets married in a few months. Crazy.