On rest.

I get caught up in the idea that taking care of myself is always active – I should be challenging my mind, moving my body, maturing my spirit, growing my passions – but I’m beginning to realize that rest is essential. At rest, we do some of our best listening. At rest, we can still be challenged, moved, matured, changed. Living in an always-on world, I’m not sure we’re told this enough. 

The last couple of weeks have been long. Long in a way that puts dense life in your years. Long in a way that makes you feel small - like the back-and-forth motion of a feather that wonders at its infinite purpose. Long for no particular reason at all, aside from the fact that every daily happening seemed a never-ending marathon. And I was tired. And I had the uncomfortable feeling that can be likened to showing up to a party underdressed. Or overdressed. Or as everyone is getting ready to leave.

This week has been better, now that I've taken some time to listen. Getting to know the little apartment that has not known enough of me over the last year. And trying to remember where my smallness fits in to this bigger thing.